Warner TNT 5'8 Johanne DEFAY

Warner TNT 5'8 Johanne DEFAY

A bomb!!!

Johanne Defay's board, a perfect all rounded thruster. A board that will let you express all your potential, fast, drivable, stable, will perform in everyday surf!



High performance model that will blow up in any type of conditions. Suitable for ladys, groms, or light guys . This board will perform to the surfers skill level.

FCS 2 plugs fins not included

Round Square tail for drive and stability.

Planche Haute performance, qui va envoyer dans toutes les conditions. Convient aux filles, juniors, ou gars légers. Cette board vous fera progresser. 

Plugs FCS 2 Dérives non fournies

Tail en Round Square pour du contrôle et de la stabilité.